Dirty talking women for Daddy

Dirty talking women are my horny Daddy’s favorite. He and I love to sit on the phone for hours together while we play with our genitals and look at photos of super naughty little girls. The younger the better, we love playing with them and having a whole lot of fun together, hehe. They’re like little dolls that we can dress up and do what we want with. I love knowing that Daddy and his hard dick are super excited. Daddy loves to wear a cock ring around his shaft, it really enhances the sexual pleasure that he gets to experience! Daddy’s moans are so loud and sexy, it makes my tiny bald pussy super wet to listen to him. The two of us together sure do have a whole lot of nasty and kinky things that we love to do to these little girls. We bend them over and show off their sexy holes, they’re so tight and juicy and wet! Dirty phone talk is our favorite!

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