Dirty Talking Women Get You Off

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like Tyra know how to give you a good time. You just need to pick up the phone and give me a call and let me take complete care of you. I like sex, like a lot. Like I just can’t get enough. Lucky for me I have a revolving door of my stepson’s friends to get with. They are young and horny and obviously have mommy issues. Just last week while my stepson was at work a couple of his friends came over and I was more than happy to give them some mommy time. I told them they could wait in the family room and offered them some drinks. When I returned with the drinks, I was completely naked. Their eyes were wide, but they were down to take care of this cougar. Not to leave one to watch as one of them was pounding my pussy from behind I took the others cock and started deep throating him. They filled all of my holes with their warm cum before we were done. When they left, I told them they were welcome anytime and winked. I am sure they will be back again tomorrow for round two. So, let’s have some dirty phone talk so I can get you off too.

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