dirty talking women love daddy dicks

dirty talking women

Your cut little slut with a super dirty mouth. I love nasty talking women, and I learned a few things from them. It makes you happy to have me because I know what makes that cock cum. Your dick is best in my hands when it’s throbbing and going crazy. I tease and please it and make it twitch even harder. Your cock needs my teen slit. Better yet let me bend over and let you in my poop chute. I know you love anal. I hear you beg my mommy to let you pound her ass deep. I laugh and giggle and wiggle ready for your tickles and that big ole pickle. I get creative with words for it, but honestly, the penis is my favorite. I like calling it a peepee and penis. I love being filled up by a big daddy cock. Deep inside me, you go, and there you go off and let out a big blow. I squeal and beg for more.

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