Dirty talking women with Jordan

Dirty Talking WomenAs a dirty talking woman I love to play with my pussy! I always have my legs spread wide and my fingers circling my clit going in and out and in and out of my pussy all night long while I talk to you over the phone! I have a toy after toy that I’m getting soaking wet with my coming juices do you wanna hear how much it makes me squirt when I turn this toy on and talk to you about all the dirty little secrets that I have for you and how we role-play when you’re daddy and I’m your naughty little girl!
When you get home and call me I am dressed in the sexiest little school girl outfit just how you like me or I can be dressed in a naughty maid outfit! I love showing off my body to you daddy it makes me feel so sexy and it makes me feel so beautiful when you put your hands on my body and tell me that it belongs to you and that my naughty young tight girl body is all yours I give me your barely legal team that you get to enjoy kinky dirty and naughty phone sex with it just makes me so wet and I love to play with my pussy all night long with you!
So hurry up daddy come and play with your whores tight and young pussy that you get to leave dripping wet in your cum and my own juices our bed will be stained with come and squirting juices! Don’t forget you own all of these holes you to fuck my asshole and my mouth! You get to shove my legs apart and fuck me so hard that you’ll have me screaming all night long baby!

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