The Dirtiest Talking Woman

dirty talking womenI’m a dirty talking woman. It turns me on to turn you on. I have a very dirty mind and a vivid imagination. Call me and I’ll make your cock rock hard. I like holding the phone in one hand and putting my other hand in my panties. I rub soft circles against my clit as I moan in your ear. When I tell you that I want your cock, I mean it. I want to get down on my knees and roll my tongue around the tip. I want to taste the sweet nectar of that first drop of pre-cum. I can bring your dirtiest role-playing fantasies to life. No fetish is too taboo. I love getting down and dirty. Allow me to be your personal freak. I’m here to please you and keep you happy. I wish that I could come through the phone and really suck your cock. I really want you inside my tight cunt. And when I say I want your cum, I really mean it. I want it all over my face. Let me be your dirty talking woman.

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