Dirty Phone Talk at the Glory Hole

dirty phone talkDirty Phone talk with me is all about big black cocks. I am a black cock whore. My husband knows too. He doesn’t turn a blind eye to my needs, however. He encourages me to get as much black dick as I can handle. Sometimes, he brings black cock to me or takes me some place to get it. It was Mother’s Day yesterday and to celebrate, my beloved husband took me to a glory hole. I think they call them glory holes because glorious big black cocks come out of those holes. My husband loves watching me suck on massive cocks. He is a white man with a small limp dick. In fact, his dick is so small it is more like a clit. I have him wear my panties. He was rubbing his clitty through his panties as he watched me suck big black cocks. I swallowed a ton of cum. I even knocked on the wall so some of those huge dicks would come over and fuck me. I know how much my husband loves to watch me with big black cock in my married white holes. It was a wonderful Mother’s Day. My husband got me the perfect gift.

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