Dirty phone talk Slave

Dirty phone talkDirty phone talk is so sexy when you’re given to an amazingly hot Mistress for the day to use and abuse you. It started with me being bound and collared. I was to be her everything today. Her slut, her toilet, whatever she needed. She started with riding my have. Pulling it into her pussy so I could suck and lick at her clit as she grinded herself against my tongue. I lapped at her pussy and sucked on her clit as she covered my face in her pussy juices. Then as she came and covered me in her cum she held my mouth over her. “Get ready to drink slut.” she warned me briefly before she pissed in my mouth. Making me drink every drop of her golden nectar and lick her clean. “Mmm, good slut.” she praised making my own pussy wet. “Today we’re going to a party slut. You’re going to entertain my guest.” she informed me, letting me know my day was going to be long and full of fucking, pissing, and serving.

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