Dirty Phone Talk Sluts

dirty talking womenAre you in the mood for hot dirty talking women? Also have a bit of an Asian fetish. I have a fetish too. Big thick hard cock and preferably filling one of my tight holes. I want to please you and let you do anything and everything you want but first you have to get me. I am easy and sleezy and you see me walking beside you and your girl at the park. She is too busy on her phone, but I catch your eye. I smile and look back at you, gently pulling the back of my dress up a bit so you can see my bare ass. Your eyes widen and I bend over, exposing my bald pussy too. You are all kinds of distracted now and I nod for you to join me. I don’t even bother to look back because I know you are following me. I walk to the back of the load in and wait. Within minutes you turn the corner. I am already sitting on the ledge with my dress up. You walk towards me, and I push your face between my legs. I glisten your face with my cum and you rise. What would you do to me next? Pick up the phone and call me for hot dirty phone talk.

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