Dirty Talking Women and Sissy Trainers

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can still have fun on quarantine. I am a sissy trainer, but I can still online sissy train little femboys, faggots and sissies. I know it is hard when you can’t go shopping for panties and you can’t go to glory holes for cock, but we can still train you to be a good sissy. We just must get creative. Olivier called me last night. He is a new sissy. Quarantine has made him curious about the sissy world. He is on furlough from work and watching a lot of porn. So are a lot of men, but they are not necessarily saying, “Hey, I want to be a sissy and suck dick.” Watching big dick porn doesn’t just make a man a sissy. There are always key differences in the men who want to become sissies and the ones who don’t even consider it. First, most sissy wannabees have small dicks. So small, they are incapable of pleasing women. So small, they consider wearing panties to keep their little peckers safe and secure. Second, most sissy wannabees have some sort of gay experience from when they were younger. A school friend, a relative, mom’s boyfriend, some random guy pulled out his dick. It was an experience that has long lingered with them and made them long for more. A real man doesn’t watch porn and focus on the cocks. He is looking at the pussy and imaging doing the same thing to some hot slut. A sissy in waiting is thinking of how good the cocks in the porn would feel in his mouth. Oliver was not a man, but he was not quite a sissy yet either. By the time we were done with our call, he had a cucumber up his ass, and he was in a pair of his wife’s panties. Phone sex with a sissy trainer like me is full of surprises.

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