Dirty Talking Women Control Worthless Cocksuckers Like You

You are so fucking perverted and kinky and dirty talking women are what you require to get that cock spurting. I once had a guy call me and wanted me to talk dirty to him and humiliate the crap out of him while he sat and stroked his cock. He said nothing and just let me go to town on him. I loved to tell him how much of a lower he was in that he actually pays women to belittle him as he strokes his pathetic peeny. Evidently he can’t please his wife and she was too timid and submissive to even let him know his size was not pleasing for her, all she did was stopped fucking him and made excuses. I don’t blame her for not fucking him but she really should be more forward and reap the rewarding high of humiliating the piece of shit husband she has. Fuck I loved doing it and reaping the pay and tip of doing it well. Who’s next in their sheltered no sex little marriage with the HOA leader and uptight cunt? I know your story, and I can fuel that explosion. I know how you wished she would give you the belittling you so deserve.

Dirty talking women


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