Dirty Talking Women For Chubby Chasers

dirty talking women

BBW sluts like me make the best dirty talking women. I don’t just talk about stuff I’d like to do – I am going to tell you about things I really have done when you call me. And I’ve done so many nasty things…sometimes I forget about things until someone asks me about whether or not I’ve done it. That’s always fun. It’s like reliving old times. I always reach down and start rubbing my fat cunt while I tell you naughty stories. Do you mind if I do that? I hope not and I hope that you love listening to me cum because I absolutely will.

I recently did something I’ve always wanted to do but hadn’t done it yet. I got a room full of guys, I think there were 10 of them and I got down on my knees and ask them to stand around me in a circle and jerk off all over me. It was so hot to know that I was going to have cum squirting on me from all angles. After a guy would cum, I’d suck his cock and get him hard again so we could keep doing it all afternoon. I did get fucked, too, but I really just wanted to be covered with cum like a good whore. If you want to hear more, you know how to reach me.

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