dirty talking women get the job done

dirty talking womenDirty talking women get the job done. I know for a fact I will be an asset to your company because I have all the things you need. I have no limits, and I sure do push harder and harder to take every inch. I get the task done, and I will leave you with a smile on your face. My speech went over so well I think I won him over. My tight ass was being pounded and filled with cum, and all I can think about was my interview. I hope me giving him my panties wasn’t going to have me disqualified. I saw him hard on and as soon as I spread my legs and showed him my wet cunt he was having a hard time breathing. I saw him lose his tie. He was shell shocked and couldn’t make any words out. I felt like it could go either way. I called up my fuck buddy to fuck my thoughts away. I have him deep in my ass and wondering if I got the job. As soon as he blows I get a text back asking me to come to start but first I need one on one training. I guess me knew boss would have a test drive first to see if I am game.

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