Dirty talking women in the family

I have always been a freak. It comes naturally when you are raised by full on sluts. My mom is the biggest whore ever and my grandmother well she is the original whore. it all started off with her. I remember watching my grandma give the neighborhood boys blowjobs. It was something I was exposed to early on. It was interesting and so exciting to see women in almost her sixties deep throat the young boys cocks. She would thank them with inviting them in for a drink. When she would give a drink she would really give a drink. My grandmother wasn’t giving out sweet tea or water she was giving out full on blow jobs that would leave these boys my age coming back for more literally. I was a youngin watching them get pleased by my nana. On her knees, she would go and she would swallow their cocks hole in their mouth. When you are taking cocks whole and joining dirty talking women like my family you are a certified dirty girl.

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