Dirty Talking Women Make the Best Mommies

Your school principle called today. It seems you have been being a very naughty boy and he wanted me to come to his office to discuss your behavior. It seems you were caught smoking and the school has a very strict policy on this matter. But Mommy pays good money for her little boy to go to this school and is not about to let them kick you out. When I went to meet with the principle, I could tell that he was staring at my great big tits. I knew from that moment that I could use my big tits, soft lips, and hot wet pussy to keep you from being kicked out of school. I listened to him speak for a few minutes and then I told him that I thought we could settle this matter very discreetly. I started unbuttoning my blouse as I walked over to him. I reached down and felt the hard one that he was trying to hide under his desk. I unzipped his pants and licked all over his hard throbbing cock getting it slippery wet for my hot wet pussy. I laid back on his desk as he shoved his big thick cock into my juicy mommy cunt. He pounded his big thick cock into my wet cunt until he exploded leaving me with a cum filled cunt. As I was getting dressed, I turned and looked at him to make sure we had reached an agreement. After all a mom has to do what a mom has to do for her little boy.

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