Dirty talking women stories in the Store

Dirty Talking WomenI love Christmas so much. There are so many wonderful things to buy and great sales to partake of. We were at one of our many high quality porno establishments looking at the selection for a new toy. I know I’m always getting new toys and that you spoil me but this one was special because it was for Christmas. I saw a slutty Santa lingerie that I just had to try on for you. The clerk said it’d be okay and I went and changed into the tiny little Christmas themed undies. Feeling sexy I threw open the curtain and smirked at you. Offering you a wink I teased “Santa! I’ve been a naughty elf… I need you to jingle my bells.” I saw the hunger leap to your eyes, the way your cock hardened in your pants and I licked my lips unable to help it. Looking behind you at the clerk I saw the same lust in the eyes of the clerk also. Oh… So this would be very interesting. I slowly walked to you, my hips swaying as if I dancing to the muzak the store played as I undid the buttons covering my breast. Letting more and more of my tanned cleavage free. “Please… I need it so bad.” I begged, surprising you and the clerk as I walked past you, taking her cheeks in my hands I pulled her in for a kiss. With a shiver of pleasure and a moan against my lips she relaxed and kissed me back. My arms wrapping around her as she moved her own hands to massage my tits. Every shopping trip should end in a threesome shouldn’t it love?

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