Older Dirty Talking Women…

dirty talking women

Older dirty talking women have more fun, or the saying goes! I’m a mommy, and a grandma now to some precious young sluts in training. Pre whores if you will. My sons are mommy boys and my daughters are real whores. All  that matters is they bring in the cash for that ass! I’m a brawdy older chick who loves breeding play as I have been there and done that. And who knows maybe there’s some good eggs in this womb still. You need to bred and older women, I’m game. But the impregnation fun is really for my offspring and their offspring. Teen whore pussies and more ready to be filled to the brim with baby batter. Not to say that’s my main fetish. 



My main kink is filthy fucking men who like young ass and pussy, with a side of mommy fucking! 



Sweet tender tots and my own chitlins helping me get them ready is really erotic. I have very few limits, if any. Bring me your taboo needs and we will see if we can connect. I almost bet we will! See, being a mature sexy older woman, I believe in freedom of kinks! It’s more than just dirty phone talk with me it’s a way to get out your most extreme or not so extreme fantasies and confessions of sinful behavior! I have even been put on a breeding bench for farm cock (non Human) even! I have turned my whores out to p-mommies and p-daddies. I’m raising up the next generation to be good perverts! 

I want to keep the mommy and brat fucking cycle going strong. I have lots of strong p-men and women in my family line, going back generations. It’s something I’m quite proud of and need another sick man to help me get off in Mommy phone sex! 

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