Turns out everyone loves dirty talking women

dirty talking womenIt turns out that everyone around here apparently loves dirty talking women because I get an audience when I do calls. Isn’t that crazy? I guess because I am so loud when I cum my neighbors all can hear me and several of them had no idea that I was here alone and only talking on the phone. They thought I was just in here fucking different guys every day. Honestly though? I wish I was in here for real fucking guys instead of just talking to them. I get so fucking horny sometimes and I can’t stand it! My sons are always here for me but sometimes mommy just wants a little strange yanno? Well yesterday I had a particularly loud call, the guy I was talking to had me horny as fuck and when I finally came I came hard as fuck. Well my neighbor two doors down heard me cumming like that and saw that I was alone so he came right on in my house. I just spread my legs open wider for him and let him fuck the shit out of me. I was so hot! His cock was huge and it had been a minute since I had gotten any dick that I wasn’t related to so I was in heaven!

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