Dirty Cheerleader

Dirty Phone Talk

Do you like horny whore cheerleaders? The whole reason I became a cheerleader is because I knew that it would help propel my reputation as a dirty fuck slut. I am such a dirty cum and coke whore, I can’t go a day without getting a nose full of coke or a pussy full of cum. When it came time for our annual car wash fundraiser, I took it as the best opportunity to really work our hustle and get asses full of cum. The cheer squad and I set up in the school parking lot. We were all wet and ready for horny customers to get their dick wet. It was the perfect way to hide our hooker prostitution operation. Every car that would pull up, we would direct them from the back of the lot, take their cash or coke payment and have a dirty fucking anal fuck in the backseat. I had maybe four or five shots of cum in my ass when we got a surprising customer. The school principal! We worried we would get busted but it turned out that he wanted to suck all the used cum out of every single one of our asses.

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