Dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk makes my cunt wet. You tell me your stories I tell you mine. Masturbating and cumming together is kinky as hell. Here is one of my stories I know you will cum as much as me. I was late getting all of Masters daily chores done last Tuesday. I was being slow on purpose. I like to get master pissed at me. I love his whippings he knows I am a pain slut and will get off on pain. Master will deny me my pleasure thru pain often so I often piss him off to get what I crave. Us submissive cunts need our way too and we know exactly how to get it. Like I said I was taking my time doing what I had to do. I heard masters car pull in and his key in the front door. I stayed ironing his shirts like I did not hear him walking thru the house. He stops and stares at me with that pissed off stern look. I look up and I act surprised. “oh master I did not hear you come home I am sorry that I am not done with my chores.” He knew I was full of shit and that I did this on purpose and he was pissed. He took two giant steps towards me and grabbed my hair and yanked me on the ground pushing me on all fours. I thought I was going to get his belt but instead, he grabbed his bullwhip with spikes and started slamming my ass. I was shocked I did not want the bullwhip! Those spikes dug into my flesh making me bleed I started to scream and cry. Master was yelling. “You want to be a worthless whore and piss me off this is what you get bitch!” I know I am one of the Dirty Talking Women but the shit turns me on.

Dirty phone talk

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