Dirty Phone Talk and Naughty Coeds

When it comes to a bunch of hard up for money college coeds then damn near anything is possible to meet the goal. My girlfriends and i decided that getting into dirty phone talk was a lucrative way to make it through without fucking up our studies and partying time. We really get into the perversions of these men that call. In fact I got so into some of the shit that I explored a ton more kinks on my own just to have some good stories to share. When I was home over the summer I started to take calls at home also and boy did that get interesting! I had a fucking kinky assed time finding my little brother listening in on me and wanking off! I used that shit to my advantage and had him acting like a fool for me and I loved it. I eventually sat on his face and forced him to worship my cunt, you see he is a little bitch bi boy and I made him my bitch slave and a slave to BBC while I was at it. I love the kinky shit I get into.. bring me something good!

Dirty phone talk

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