dirty talking women are the best

dirty talking womenYes, I roam your mind more than you like to admit. I am your best friends, little sister. That doesn’t stop me. I have had a raging crush on you forever, and I am willing to show you. I am not a girl, not yet a woman. You can, however, make me one. You can give me the experience and knowledge of how I should treat and please a man. My cunt drips from the moment I have seen your throbbing dick in the pool. We played Marco Polo, and I was budding that summer. My tits were starting roar out, and I no longer had that youngin face and body anymore. I was a dream and a teen dream at that. I finally was a teen girl. I had my sights set on you, but I knew you were way much older than me and I saw all the cute girls you dated and never thought I could be yours. I soon realized that my spinner body was your weakness. I wasn’t going to stop till I had you and that why I showed up half-naked and ready for you to show me how to ride a dick.

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