Dirty Talking Women To Control

dirty talking women

The other day, I had a caller tell me that I was quickly becoming one of his favorite dirty talking women. That pleased me more than he could ever know because when I make men happy with my dirty mouth and my body, my Master is always so very proud of me. And when he’s proud of me, he sometimes lets me sleep in the floor at the foot of his bed like a dog. Well, he lets his dog sleep in bed with him, so I guess I can’t really say that. I really can’t blame him. His dog is better than a lowly submissive slut like me. I don’t even get a pillow or blanket.

How filthy would you like me to be with you, Sir? Is there something degrading that you’d like to do to me? Maybe you’d like to piss on my face or something even more than that. Take me to a party and make me a bukkake cum whore. The possibilities really are endless, and I cannot wait to worship and serve you in whatever way you see fit. Make sure that you don’t hold back because pleasing wonderful men like you is what whores like me are born to do.

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