I am a Babysitter Who Loves Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone TalkI am a sweet looking young thing that loves dirty phone talk. I like to babysit, and I love to pimp out those little brats to the highest bidder. I recently had a set of twin girls. Adorable, blonde, blue eyes, bubble butt, flat chest, soft bald pussy girls. You can only imagine how many people wanted a piece of those fine things. I am picky though, don’t want to leave any marks on them. Don’t want to lose my babysitting money so I must choose carefully. And by carefully, I mean whoever is offering me the best deal. So, this stud from school started chatting me up interesting in getting a piece, said he had some new generation air buds and about $200. Hmmmm……… I have really been wanting some air buds, so I took him up on that offer. He came over and his eyes lit up as he watched them hop around and play in their little bathing suits. I purposely put on too small of suits just so the bottoms would ride up their little bald pussies and sweet little asses. Like seriously they play with their pussy lips hanging out, not giving a shit. Anyways, I collected my cash and buds and sent him to the other room with the sweet young things. I purposely peeked through the crack in the door just to watch. And honestly it is fucking hot. He sat one of them on the bed and opened her mouth nice and wide before sticking his rock-hard cock in her little mouth. The other he had stand next to him as he stuck his finger in her tight pussy. He had her jumping beside him, so she was basically finger fucking herself. When he could feel himself getting ready to unload, he removed his cock from her mouth and squirted his load all over her nice flat chest. I was so wet by then I went to my room and fired up my vibrator and closed my eyes thinking of that sweet little thing jumping up and down on his finger. I don’t know what other naughty things he did to them but as he was leaving I told him how hot it was to watch him squirt his load on her chest and he smiled and said he loved those little things and he also loved dirty talking women.

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