Dirty Phone Talk For Sadistic Needs

You have sadistic needs. These Dirty phone talk lines serve a purpose. As a sexy slut I love to assist in fulfillment of these needs. Your desire to victimize a barbie doll like bimbo is hot to me. My full existence in life now is to be the tool for your obsession.

Dirty phone talk

Taking what you need from a filthy cunt is your way. My only hopes are to satisfy your cravings. In fact, this often means that my demise is the outcome. My getting wet thinking about the ways you will torture me is inevitable. You will treat me like a filthy two pence hooker.

Without a doubt I understand my place in this cruel world. Undoubtedly, my father groomed me for this future. Is it not true that successful men require a more unusual form of stress relief? Evidently, I cater to just those types of men. Sexy, perfect, and plastic. Narcissistic men are some that really get a rise out of using me. It’s not unfortunate that I have encountered my share. These men made me have the best orgasms ever.

You Need a Dirty phone talk bimbo

You should understand that a normal existence is not for me. In essence, daddy made me the way I am. A victim of circumstances is where I often find myself. It’s my whore cunt that gets railed and defiled to the point of ruin that makes men cum. My ass is the very tool of perfection to gape and rosebud after a hardcore gangbanging. Use my perfect goddess body to your full enjoyment. Ultimately I will be the most orgasmic little cunt.

All things considered I am excited to be your bimbo prostitute to torture. Bring your friends over and let them all have at me. Let’s make a deal. Alternatively you could just cum all over my whore face and call me a whore.

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