Dirty Talking Women Love Daddy

dirty talking women

Hello there! What kind of fun were you looking for when you searched for dirty talking women? It could be anything, but I sincerely hope that you’re looking to be my dirty old daddy. Sometimes I love to relive my glory days. When I lived at home, I never had to look very far for a nice hard fuck because daddy was right down the hall, and he was always willing. The best part is that mommy wasn’t upset by it at all, so we didn’t have to hide. Sometimes I’d just go jump right in bed with them and tell daddy I needed him to fuck me.

I love his cock still to this day, but it was so much better when I was younger and naturally smaller, so his dick felt bigger. Sometimes it felt like daddy’s cock was going to rip me in half, but I didn’t care because I knew it made him feel so good. Maybe you’d like to hear about the times when daddy shared me with all his friends. Those weekend parties were something! I’ll be here, waiting for you and all of your incest fantasies. I bet you have some doozies, too!

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