Dirty talking women steal your man

dirty talking womenI liked what I saw. I wasn’t going to back down because he had a girl. I wanted him more than anything, and I knew he was feeling me too. I had little patience, and it was time I made that man mines. I felt so good knowing he felt the same. My cunt and ass craved his meat. I went over to his house. I like that my brother is so close to him and they live together. My brother is easily bribed; I was able to get rid of him for a few hours. I brought over my sexiest lingerie and began to make my move. I wanted to show him dirty talking women mean what they say. I was about to put my money where my mouth was. I was ready to satisfy all his needs and make him mines once and for all. I had my eye on the prize and was going to make him weak in the knees. I was ready to conquer and be fucked like the homewrecking whore I am.

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